About Us

TriBeta and Biology Club strive to provide a sense of community amongst undergraduate and graduate students with a shared interest in biology. Throughout the year, numerous seminars and guest lectures are hosted by our organization to inform students of opportunities available in the field of biology. The club also participates in various community service projects and organizes field trips and social events for  its members.

The Eta Psi chapter of TriBeta at GSU was established in 1986. Our objective is to facilitate a community of students interested in the biological sciences within Georgia State University. We also seek to serve the area around us through community service.

2017-2018 Officers

TriBeta is proud to announce the officers who will uphold their responsibilities and duties to advance the effectiveness of our organization during the 2017-2018 school year. 

Antoinette Charles
Antoinette is a third-year student pursuing a career as a physician. Devoting her life to serving is not only restricted to international boundaries; she aims to improve healthcare for under-served communities globally. She strives to provide numerous opportunities for members to network with professionals and students, establish a social aspect to the organization, and promote the importance of research.
Sarah Alhakimi
Vice President
Sarah is a third-year student pursuing a medical degree to make a positive impact by helping those in underserved communities. As a person who comes from Yemen, she believes that receiving and offering help is how we can all flourish and possibly alleviate each other's sufferings. The alignment of her personal interests and Tri Beta's mission makes her work actively to pursue the organization's best interest.
Aasiya Mujeeb
Aasiya is a third-year student pursuing a career in dentistry. In her spare time, Aasiya enjoys photography, calligraphy, and volunteering time to organizations that aid those that are less privileged. She works to engage members in speaker events and club activities, help members get connected within the club, and manage the funding for events and meetings.
Jessica Tran
Jessica is a senior at GSU with an interest in medicine and pharmaceuticals. She has a passion for research to develop drugs to help make medicine affordable to all consumers. She aims to provide a better means of communication about opportunities to give back to the community and network with others in the member’s field of interest.
Amrina Anwar
Public Relations
Amrina is a senior at GSU set to graduate in December 2017! She is pursuing a career as a trauma surgeon. She enjoys naps, bunnies, and of course all things medicine and human anatomy related. She strives to connect members and GSU students with professionals who help educate on different STEM career paths and guide our members in choosing potential career options.
Michael Hohl
Public Relations Apprentice
Michael is an Atlanta native with roots in New York (go Bills). He is a junior and he plans to pursue a career in medicine. He enjoys reading and going jigsaw puzzles. Michael hopes to gather the best collection of diverse speakers for the organization.
Angela Bush
Volunteer Coordinator
Angie is a third-year student pursuing a career as a Physician Assistant. She is passionate about positively impacting her community and is dedicated to making the world a better place by imparting support and charity to those in need. She aims to provide a framework for members to participate in abundant and unique opportunities that serve to impact their communities, and aspires to assist members through guidance and encouragement on their individual paths toward success in the field of biology.
Zach Salling
Zach is a senior at GSU pursuing a career as a physician. He aspires to practice Neurology and write Fiction. He is passionate about geriatric healthcare, patient healthcare rights, and patient’s stories influence on healthcare treatment. Zach plans to advocate active member participation and take stellar photos for the organization.