About STLA:

Our mission is to educate and train Georgia's future litigators. We take our students out of the classroom and into the courtroom. STLA provides an experience unlike any other in law school and gives GSU law students an opportunity to gain practical experience in a courtroom setting by participating in national competitions. We focus on both criminal and civil trial practice skills and provide our members with a chance to apply knowledge gained in their evidence and litigation courses.

Why should YOU join STLA?

Practical Experience: While class attendance and studying may prepare you to think like a lawyer, only STLA provides its members an opportunity to  actually be a lawyer in a trial setting.

Academic Advantage: At Georgia State Law every 2L must take evidence and litigation. Every motion or objection an STLA member makes during practice reinforces the knowledge and skills learned in these mandatory classes.

Networking: Our team of coaches, with their extensive connections in the criminal and civil litigation communities, feel comfortable recommending an STLA member who can argue comfortably in front of a judge and jury.

Fun!: STLA is challenging, exciting, and allows students to break out of the classroom and library and put their skills to use!

Below are some comments from STLA Alumni about their experience:

"Thanks for giving me the opportunity to find my calling through STLA as well as helping to open some doors that I would not have been able to open myself."

". . . Being in STLA has, hands down, been the best experience I have had in law school. . . Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

"Tom, thank you so much for your time, patience, and devotion to this program. Your dedication and generosity are the reasons we students can participate in such a rewarding experience."

"Simply put, while in law school, there is no better way to practically prepare yourself for work as a trial attorney.  Not only will you be ahead of your peers in areas like evidence and trial technique, but also you will learn the intangibles of trial practice such as how best to conduct yourself in the courtroom.  Also, the coaches are second to none.  The lessons your learn from such accomplished trial attorneys as Tom Jones will shape your own trial techniques for the whole of your career.  There is no substitute for my experience with GSU's STLA."

"STLA was, without a doubt, the best experience of my entire law school career. It not only helped me hone my litigation skills, but it was also a great way to build up my network. I got to work with some of the most talented litigation students in my class and had the opportunity to learn from some of the best litigators in the state of Georgia. I now have a great support system as I begin my career. I would highly recommend that any law student interested in litigation get involved with STLA."


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  • President: Alex Galvan
  • Vice President: Lynette Jimenez

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