What is Moot Court?

Moot Court is an organization committed to furthering its members written and oral advocacy skills through intercollegiate contest. Each year, GSU sends several teams to various competitions, each focusing on a different area of law. Each team prepares a persuasive brief, arguing either for the Petitioner or Respondent in a hypothetical case on appeal, and then travels to the host city to argue orally its case before a panel of judges. Moot Court grants an unparalleled opportunity to apply facts, law, and policy in an exciting and challenging forum. It is a measure of the student's knowledge, skill, and maturity.

How is Moot Court different from Law Review and Mock Trial?

Moot court combines the opportunities to hone legal research and writing skills provided by Law Review and to practice professionalism and ability to argue amidst the gauntlet of the courtroom setting provided by STLA.

Moot Court board members travel to various cities around the nation, connect with students from other schools, and match skills in lively debate.

Moot Court provides essential experience and distinction sought by employers without preventing students from pursuing other interests.

How Does Moot Court Rank Among Employers?*

Moot Court is a highly regarded organization among employers.

50% of employers prefer students who participate in an extra-curricular organization.

Of those employers:
94% list Law Review membership as preferred.
76% list Moot Court membership as preferred.
31% list Mock Trial membership as preferred.

* These statistics are based on the following data garnered from a random sampling of 295 job listings provided by the sources listed below:

Total Listings Sampled = 295
Listings Showing Some Preference = 148 (50.2% of total employers)
Listings Showing No Preference = 147 (49.8% of total employers)
Listings Showing Preference for Moot Court (MC) = 113 (38.3% of total employers)
Listings Showing Preference for Law Review (LR) = 139 (47.1% of total employers)
Listings Showing Preference for Mock Trial (MT) = 45 (15.3% of total employers)

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